star-warsSaberSpoons™ and Kellogg’s cereal unite! (Yes, we said SaberSpoons. You’ll just have to visit the site to get the full scoop.)

Recently, Kellogg Company teamed up with Lucasfilm Ltd. to launch some new and exciting products, as well as a fun and interactive website for kids. Featuring a Star Wars™ theme, the website allows kids to play games, sign up for an e-card, learn about exclusive Kellogg’s products, find out about special mail-in/online promotions, and more.

Honored to lend support to two very successful, globally recognized brands, Source Nine employed several programming techniques that not only reduced the new website’s loading time, but also made it easy to update it in the future. So Kellogg Company can always help kids enjoy the thrilling action of Star Wars.

® Kellogg Company
™ Star Wars, Jedi, The Force © Lucasfilm Ltd.