aon-applicationTaking calculated risks is essential to running a successful business. Managing those risks, however, might be even more critical — and that’s where hiring an expert like Aon Corporation could not only make a lifesaving difference on the bottom line, but also in people’s lives. Headquartered in Chicago, Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resource consulting and outsourcing. Around the world, Aon employs 60,000 colleagues in 120 countries.

To help this industry giant (and its partner Legacy MP) host events over multiple years with less risk and more peace of mind, Source Nine built two key application modules:

  • Login/registration module: Aon’s clients can now register for events with speed and simplicity. Thanks to Source Nine, current backend applications of Aon’s event management website now deliver robust security with in-depth reporting capabilities. Because Source Nine built and implemented several real-time systems, prospective event attendees no longer face a cumbersome registration process, ensuring a smooth conference for all.
  • Meeting scheduler: A custom-built scheduler application interfaces with Aon’s systems, enabling its employees to personalize their client’s conference experience, from meeting content to times and locations.