fafhAre your employees experiencing that post-lunch food coma? Do they need a pick me up — let’s say some Rice Krispies Treats® or Cheez-It crackers® — to power them through the rest of their workday? The Kellogg’s® Food Away from Home program may offer the solution you’re looking for, and much more. This program provides business-building solutions for foodservice and vending operators in a variety of industries, from universities to healthcare to commercial restaurants to convenience stores.

So what was the challenge given to Source Nine? To offer comprehensive product information, merchandising tips, marketing tools and more to these important customers in an online format that’s both engaging and user-friendly.

The resulting fafh.com site exceeds these expectations through the seamless integration of wide-ranging web presentation methods. In a beyond-clear-cut manner, this site successfully delivers an otherwise dizzying array of information. Log onto fafh.com and find out how Kellogg’s and Keebler® can help boost your sales — and maybe, just maybe, your employees’ afternoon productivity.

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