clients_screen_04Good communication is at the heart of every successful business. As one of these successful businesses, Kellogg Company communicates with its employees in myriad ways, including via an array of intranet sites. There’s only one problem: Many departments means many intranet sites. Translation? Loads of information. Lots of data. Frequent updating. And last but not least, a very busy internal web team.

To help alleviate the web team’s workload and keep the intranet lines of communication wide open, Source Nine developed a robust information-sharing application. With this new intranet application, individual departments can self-administer and post wide-ranging content, from PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents to web links, images and more. Customized with department-specific graphics and layout, new intranet sites can also be quickly and easily created.

Overall, the Source Nine application drastically reduces the Kellogg Company’s intranet support costs, while allowing immediate information dissemination between departments. Translation? A very happy internal web team. (Not to mention a very happy client.)