kellogs-caWhat began as a nutritional experiment in the late 1800s at the Battle Creek Sanatorium has grown into the world’s leading manufacturer of cereal, as well as a top producer of convenience foods. Today, Kellogg Company is divided into two thriving divisions: Kellogg International and Kellogg North America, which includes Kellogg Canada.

For the first time in its history, Kellogg Canada embarked upon the task of building a robust and in-depth web presence for the entire Canadian marketplace. Kellogg Canada chose Source Nine as its partner for this multifaceted, A-to-Z web endeavor. Working closely with Kellogg Canada, we were able to successfully:

Create a look and feel comparable to other main Kellogg sites
Develop unique Canadian branding and interfaces
Improve speed, clarity and brand enhancement for all sections
Integrate subsections that utilize standard and database-driven content from Kellogg USA web infrastructure
Construct and blend a preferred customer database from the ground up
Build an identical site that serves the company’s French-speaking audience
The completed Kellogg Canada website highlights the creative, professional and distinctive results Source Nine delivers time and again. It’s a site that fits the dynamic personality of the Canadian audience (Bob and Doug McKenzie excluded).

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