stryker=mobileStryker makes hospital beds for the comfort and security of patients. A leader in the patient handling equipment industry, the company also creates products that are easier on caregivers by enhancing designs with smart ergonomic and advanced mobility features.

To remain a leader, Stryker has not only committed itself to product innovation, but service innovation as well. In fact, the company’s sales reps routinely conduct onsite inventories of Stryker equipment — combing every floor and every room of the designated medical facility. The goal of this inventory is to identify the condition of all the equipment, and if necessary, recommend replacement.

Prior to Source Nine, these inventories were conducted using good, old-fashioned pen and paper. After Source Nine, these inventories are conducted using mobile devices. Source Nine wrote a unique, user-friendly application that allows sales representatives to go through a special checklist on each piece of equipment, and when finished, create a comprehensive report. In a standardized format, reports are then quickly and easily delivered — allowing everyone to rest a bit easier.