clients_screen_41Playing Conquer the Sea would make any kid (heck, maybe even any adult) want to say aarrrggghhh!

As one of the largest initiatives of its kind, Conquer the Sea is a fun and interactive online game launched by Kellogg’s® and Disney®. (Think Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean®, without Johnny Depp, but with plenty of buccaneers nonetheless.)

So how does it work?

Kids log onto to Kellogg’s Fun K Town™ to play the game — where they’re challenged to man a ship throughout a chain of islands and make their way to Pirate’s Cove. After they’ve had their fill of the game, they can receive a special code that enables them to enter a virtual pirate party room. Once inside the room, they can invite other players to hang out and swap their favorite swashbuckling stories. Players of Conquer the Sea are also given exclusive access to Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom® — the place where kids can chat with friends, compete in a variety of games and much more.

So why does it work?

Source Nine. To ensure that anyone playing Capture the Sea has smooth sailing, Source Nine provided all of the necessary database, backend and administration support. Best of all, Kellogg’s has the ability to self-manage the entire promotion.

™, ® Kellogg Company
® Pirates of the Caribbean, Virtual Magic Kingdom © Disney