snackpackPuppies (especially fluffy brown ones) have been named for it. Billy Madison coveted it. Who doesn’t love pudding — especially when it’s served in those cute little cups?

Snack Pack® was introduced in 1968 as a shelf-stable pudding in single-serve aluminum cans. The company began selling the pudding in plastic cups in 1984, the first brand in the category to do so, and clear plastic cups beginning in 1990.

Because of the success Source Nine had with its other leading brands, ConAgra Foods once again selected the company to develop a special March Madness promo site. Why not? Snacks and March Madness go together like Winning and Coach K. The promotion scored big with basketball fans of all ages, without expanding their waistlines. (Did you know Snack Pack offers over 20 flavors that contain no preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup, and are made with real, nonfat milk?)