ceetox-applicationCeeTox Incorporated is an internationally known contract research organization focused on in vitro toxicity screening of potential drug candidates and chemicals for some of the worlds best known companies. Sounds seriously scientific, right? (At least to those of us who took organic chemistry more than once — okay, twice — in college.)

Seriously scientific companies like CeeTox process serious levels of data. Prior to Source Nine, CeeTox used Excel-based programs for analysis of compounds. After Source Nine, CeeTox runs all of its analyses on web-based applications. These dynamic, timesaving applications are not only central to the company’s analytical processes but also provide data storage, data categorization, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Best of all, CeeTox employees and customers can quickly access data from anywhere around the world, at any time. Perhaps that is why Source Nine has been chosen as CeeToxs’ ongoing analytical tool developer.