clients_screen_45Have you ever had that bad dream? The one where you’re in high school and you have to ask the principal — in front of everybody — to help you with your locker combination? (Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a bad dream.)

While it won’t be possible to relieve the sting of teenage humiliation, it will be possible for the Kellogg Company to give you a fumble-proof locker combination that just might also make you a winner. Thanks to the web programming expertise of Source Nine, the company successfully introduced: “Kellogg’s® Get Troy’s Winning Combination Instant Win Game.” (That’s Troy Aikman. You know, the Super Bowl MVP.)

What makes this sweepstakes so unique is its instant gratification. Simply by logging onto a website, visitors have the ability to enter the sweepstakes via a quick online registration process. From there, they can find out immediately whether they’ve won a locker full of gear, a handheld portable TV, a binoculars camera or another exclusive prize. Winners are then stored into a handy database that enables the Kellogg Company to expedite prize delivery. (See, we told you it was a fumble-proof combination.)