kelloggs-applicationWhatever you do, don’t stress out your accounting department. If there’s one rule of thumb in business to follow, this might just be the one. Prior to Source Nine, Kellogg Company’s deduction management team used a macro-based application to handle payment deductions. This system required information to be e-mailed to each team member. To process deductions, team members had to run the macro on their own computers as well. From there, all affected data was merged, and again, sent out via e-mail.

All of these steps didn’t exactly add up to quick and effective accounting practices. So Source Nine created a web-based application with a database back-end to replace the macro system. Today, regardless of the location, the entire deduction management team can access data from one place, as well as see up-to-the-minute revisions on that same data. Each night, the new web-based application then updates and sends all data to an internal accounting software system.