funktownIs that New York City? No, it’s Kellogg’s® Fun K Town. (Think a virtual NYC for kids, without the crowd or the accent or the Soup Nazi.)

At, kids have the opportunity to interact with Kellogg Company brands like never before. In a fun and engaging environment, they can play games, watch movie trailers and commercials, visit various Kellogg Company websites, meet Kellogg’s characters, and last but not least — sign up for an exclusive passport. The passport allows kids to earn Fun K Town stamps by exploring the site and completing special activities.

As one of the largest web initiatives of its kind, Fun K Town required serious back-end support. To ensure that the site functioned as flawlessly as it looked, Source Nine wrote a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs). For example, one of Source Nine’s APIs ensures simple and effective tracking of key information, such as the number of stamps a visitor has collected or whether the visitor has earned a certain prize. In short: complete management of Fun K Town, including login and prize administration, can be seamlessly and conveniently handled by the Kellogg Company or its advertising agency (no additional assistance or expense from Source Nine required.)