clients_screen_06What happens when the world’s largest retailer teams up with the world’s leading producer of cereal? The need for some serious collaboration. (Remember: There may be an “M,” there may be an “E,” but there still isn’t an “I” in teamwork.)

As a key client, Wal-Mart has its own team working onsite at Kellogg Company. To successfully collaborate, these professionals needed a robust intranet information-sharing application. Enter Source Nine.

Source Nine developed a tailor-made modular application with customizable security features that enabled the Wal-Mart/Kellogg Company team to post and self-administer a wide variety of information – from PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents to web links, images and more. Today, this application allows for simple, effective and immediate information dissemination between Wal-Mart and Kellogg Company.